Anand Kulkarni

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Our Association begins with understanding each other first through the free discovery call and the completed questionnaire, once the same is agreed MOU is sent for signing, Payment is Processed and Schedule is fixed as per mutual convenience, Last minute challenges may arise either sides which can be mutually discussed and rescheduled. A rough Structure of the program, number of sessions, topics to be discussed, outcomes to be expected, is designed and sent to the client so both are on the same page, in between the scheduled sessions our communication is intact via SMS, WhatsApp, signal or Facebook messenger.

2. What can I expect from the call?

The call is typically to understand what is the gap that is not allowing the next level growth, I have worked in the professional atmosphere for more than 3 decades, this experience of mine helps me to understand what is blocking the business growth. This understanding helps me in designing or modifying the program, “Transform to Perform”, as per the business need and generate desired results. This call also instills mutual confidence in both to take the next step. The suspense of what is in store can be realized, its equally important to understand with whom are you working so the sail becomes smooth. The mutual trust that the client is coachable (ready to bring about change, implement what is learnt etc.) and the coach is capable to provide solutions is essential before we sign the dotted line, hence this discovery call and the questionnaire.

3. Who is Anand Kulkarni?

Anand is a life and business coach who comes with 3 decades of professional experience, he has exposure to various great performers globally and has established a strong connection with them. His exposure in varied industries gives him great insights into the overall business working. He has traveled across geographies to understand the different work cultures, and his analytical ability helps him in positioning himself as an expert. He has been interviewed many times and is invited as chief guest on various platforms to address the gathering, he also is invited on Indian TV to discuss financial matters as an expert analyst. His interaction with business owners has given him great insights and in his survey, he found the common three questions raised by the business owners, the three questions were as follows:

  • In spite of my good business, great name, fame, and good money, why am I not happy?
  • I am working 12-15 hours on a daily basis. It is burning me out, is this going to continue like this?
  • I am directionless, unable to understand where I am heading, I want to leave my business to my next generation but don’t know how?

He conducted a survey and found out that 8 out of 10 business owners were facing this challenge with no one to go to for solutions. Going to family, employees or friends either gave them half-hearted solutions and worse still, created insecurity. As a result, the program, Transform to Perform took birth, it became the one-stop-shop to give business owners the shoulder as well as help them make correct decisions so they could take their business to the next level. Once the above challenges are addressed the freedom that these business owners get, will allow them some quality time to analyse how to scale and grow their businesses exponentially and also show them a concrete direction to plan succession in a professional.

Some People We’ve Worked With

I wish to thank Mr. Anand Kulkarni, who is my Friend, Philosopher, Coach, Mentor or Guide whatever term may be used for him is very apt and suitable. I am blessed for having him in my life and for instilling confidence in me, shaping up my career professionally and providing me opportunity to thrive and grow in whatever I wanted to do for myself. 

I quit my corporate job, currently I am very happy running my own business that I truly love, I have started earning in 6 months what I was earning in 12 months with freedom of time and fulfilment for myself.

My journey from total loss of confidence to a Confident, bold individual is purely due to timely support and guidance from him. He taught me to be confident but not arrogant, he helped me overcome my limiting beliefs, he was responsible for making me think beyond and enhance my horizons.

Ravindra P Belwalkar

I believe, It is important for us to get a true guide, mentor, or a coach who is not only there to show you the right direction but enlighten you with your innermost abilities & strength at every step & stage of your journey.

Anand Kulkarni has been a major positive influence in my personal and professional life , he has been coaching and mentoring me for many years . His guidance and continuous encouragement has given my confidence a new boost and helped me to achieve new levels of success every time .

My journey from Insurance domain to Real estate company has been a career turnaround for me .

One of the things I admire and love about Anand sir is that he truly gives a patient hearing and always ready to help and guide with his wisdom & the beauty is , if I don’t reach the desired objective he holds me accountable for the same and puts me back on track .
For example , major decisions of my life with regards interpersonal relations , leading from front as a leader , accepting roles that I have never done before are a few instances . My leadership qualities sharpened because of constant encouragement and tips from him .
I have found a great friend , coach and a mentor in the form of Anand Kulkarni . I strongly recommend I’m as a life and business coach to anyone who wants to progress and achieve next level success in their Iives .

Raghunandan Rege

Gen Manager, Puranik Developers Pvt Ltd