Transform to Perform

Transformation of Family Run Business To Professionally Run Business by the Specially Designed 7 Module Programs, Exhibiting New Unique Systems and Processes, New Techniques for Building Sales Distribution and Business Methodologies That Ensures The Next Level Growth & Profitability To Set the Stage for Succession Planning

Who Am I?

It was a winter night and I was invited by a business owner for dinner, he was doing a good business, a great reputation in the market and also a good turnover but still was dissatisfied with life.
I was inquisitive about his dissatisfaction. We casually started talking at the dinner table, there was mild instrumental music lightening the mood. Last 3 decades of my interaction with a variety of businessmen told me something was not right – he spoke about his business, the intricate details and his involvement at every step of the business leading to 12 to 15 hours of work per day leaving no time for his family or himself. He asked me three important questions that left me thinking and also gave birth to this program of mine. The three questions were as follows:

  • In spite of my good business, great name, fame and good money, why am I not happy?
  • I am working 12-15 hours on a daily basis. It is burning me out, is this going to continue like this?
  • I am directionless, unable to understand where I am heading, I want to leave my business to my next generation but don’t know how?

I did a survey and found out that 8 out of 10 business owners were facing this challenge with no one to go to for solutions. Going to family, employees or friends either gave them half-hearted solutions and worse still, created insecurity. 

As a result, the program I created became the one stop shop to give them a shoulder as well as help them make correct decisions so they could take their business to the next level. 

I have worked in a professional atmosphere for 3 decades and know how important it is to be a professional in business in order to have the next level of growth. I also know the value of the same, after having provided solutions to the above challenges.

Once the above challenges are addressed the freedom that these business owners get, will allow them some quality time to analyse how to scale and grow their businesses exponentially and also show them a concrete direction to plan succession in a professional.

About My Program


Who Is It For?

SME family run business owners struggling to

  • Expand,
  • Evolve with time due to
  • Constant conflict in ideologies &
  • Fear of experimenting with new ideas,

This is leading to

  • Loss of opportunities, revenue,
  • Strained relationships, due to constant family conflicts,
  • Mismanaged distribution of responsibilities,
  • Staggered & inconsistent results making it difficult to sustain growth and interest of next generation to take on the legacy.

Anand will inculcate a professional atmosphere within the family managed business by striking a perfect balance between

  • Time-tested age-old processes of seniors &
  • Adoption of new, creative ideas of new generation thereby


  • Sustained growth, improvised profits,
  • Smooth transitioning into next level, create harmony in the family and
  • Abundance for current as well as future generations,

This is a perfect succession and legacy planning.


Who It Is Not For?

The program is not for 

  • A business owner who is not interested in passing his business to a successor.
  • Someone who wants everybody else to see and work their way and is unwilling to take risks and change their own perception to fit the modern way.
  • Someone who doesn’t believe in management systems such as delegation, hierarchies, professional working relationships, etc. 
  • A business owner who does not want to move out of his comfort zone.
Module One

Biz Mindset Transformation


  • Awareness of what is vs what was – recognize the top 3 distinguishing factors that have changed over time from when you started your biz journey and where you have reached currently.
  • Understanding yourself better, why we are the way we are – by doing this we will recognize the top 5 ways your biz has changed from what it was when you started it.
  • Understanding the state of minds of current Leaders and sharing progressive leadership – recognize your blind spots that you have been missing in your decision making.
  • Set up ground rules for the business transformation so that we have a foundation for the next level growth of the business.


Every progressive business needs to realise ’What has got you here, won’t get you there’. This module will help the business owners to understand which are the 5 important areas essential to be focused in order to bring about the fundamental change in the functioning of the business in order to grow exponentially . The need for understanding the Latest trends and how the same can help business grow to the next level.

Module Two

Strategic Restructuring


  • An overall roadmap for restructuring of all important functions will be ready.
  • New Innovative approach for Distribution and Sales for more Revenue and profit generation.
  • Appropriate positioning of Man power for producing optimum Productivity.
  • All functions like, Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Finance will work in collaboration not in isolation.


The current strategy has been very successful and has sustained the business for such a long time ,however the next level growth needs restructuring in all the important functions and the decision making.

The need is to make the business agile and remove the complacency if any.

Having a talented and professional team to manage the important functions of the business , with a measurable parameter is seeded in this module. 

The 3 steps to move the current business from Isolation to Collaboration will be the key attraction and will build team bonding which will be healthy for the overall growth of the business.

All will be aligned to one big vision and everyone will contribute their might to reach the common vision of the business together.

Module Three

Restructuring the Financial Backbone


  • Sufficientworking capital is a must for every business and system for keeping provision can be made.
  • Standard practice will help in controlling expenses and also proper use of the funds.
  • System for Audit of expenses and income is a must and this process helps in keeping check of unwanted and sudden unplanned expenses and also keeps a check on casual expenses and leakages.


While we analyse the financial position in the initial stages of business and also thereafter , we observe there have been huge challenges of working capital and overcoming them has always given stress . This module helps in creating abundance of working capital which is a dream of every business owner.The concrete steps discussed will create adequate availability of working capital.

 We have also observed the unwanted spending was the main cause of worry and this was creating shortage of funds at times , The Budgeting and Audit will surely keep the expenses in check and hence the Finance will be in actual control. The knowledge of available funds from government as subsidy can also be explored at a reasonable interest rate.

Module Four

Sales Strategy


  • While the existing system of sales will continue in the same manner, new and other different distribution channels will be set up.
  • New virgin markets will be explored for increased sales through the new distribution channels.
  • A professional sales team will be recruited with fixed and variable income.
  • Designing Incentive structure and rewards and recognition will be incorporated.


Sales is the heart and soul of any business. In this module the importance of new distribution channels ,new methodologies for sales and new segments for market are explored , the need for a talented workforce is adopted.Sales team is very volatile and retaining them is a task. Attractive reasons for retaining them in the system are introduced and they also enjoy the fruits of incentives and rewards & recognition.

Module Five

People & Performance Management


  • Creating the roadmap for profiling & role creation and identifying the right talent based on the future vision. 
  • A framework for sharing roles and responsibilities.
  • Designing Career progression plan.
  • Salary structure and employee benefit schemes.
  • Manual of people administrative operations.


For any Business to thrive and grow there are two essentials that give productivity .These two things are discussed and introduced.The need for a proper team to perform to the optimum potential is ensured. A robust operating system and its implementation is documented.

Module Six

Leadership Planning


  • Setting up the career Hierarchy plan.
  • Existing leaders will get a clear distinction between managers and leaders.
  • Importance of getting Professionals to lead the business.
  • Set up Process for Identifying talented Leaders within and outside and get them on board.


Leadership is a crucial responsibility and getting proper leaders at proper positions for leading the business is achieved.

Business owners achieve freedom and are free to think about what next. The entire operation is managed by Professionals.

Expansion and Scaling up of Business , Identifying inhouse leaders for future succession plan .

These professionals with their skills will set up new targets and also ensure it is achieved ,they also get great valuation for the company. This will help in transfer of power to next generation leaders. 

Alternatively hand over the business to professionals who will run the business and royalty income will flow into the family.

Module Seven

Succession Planning


  • Identify the future leadership based on a certain framework that brings trust, acceptance and a clear future direction. 
  • Creating the Plan-B aka contingency plan that will enable seamless transition for running the business with the new systems in place even without specific players.
  • Legacy Document Creation.


Nothing comes on a platter, if this message goes in a subtle way within the business then the transparency will help in avoiding the label of nepotism and also the professionals running the show will be retained.

Choosing the leaders is based on the framework and the capability decides if the selected leader can lead the business and own the responsibility of the great vision.Based on the decision of the businessowners and the stakeholders either business is ready for valuation or succession .the step by step approach will help in setting the transition smoothly.

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